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Creating beautiful gardens from a distance.

Our online garden design service is a sign of the times.  Who would have thought that 10 years ago or maybe even 5 years ago this type of service would be offered in our industry.  

Using digital planing, ordnance survey, your architectural plans or measurements, photos and telephone conversations, we can create unbelievable garden designs together online. 

Initially we would discuss your requirements by telephone where we would give you a fixed price to carry out the required work and using email we will produce a design plan for your garden.  

When complete, you will receive a fully annotated garden design plan either in pencil format or inked up – depending on your requirements.

This will be the blueprint for your new garden.  

This service is suited for anyone living anywhere in the UK or even further afield where a visit by us to design their garden would not be cost effective. Using our design skills we can work with you to create a fantastic new garden for you to enjoy.  

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to talk more about our online garden design service. 


Love what we do but want to design your own garden?

This year we will be launching a unique online garden design tutorial package at a fraction of the cost of any design fee.  We have created videos showing you how to survey your garden and how to use the simple basic principles of garden design. Together, we will design your very own outdoor living space which will lead you ... up your own garden path!

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"intelligent Design"

Award Winning

What sets us apart? David is a registered member of the Society of Garden Designers, a member of the British Association of Landscape Industries and has the title of Grand Designs Show Garden designer. He also mentors qualified garden designers and has worked many years in the garden design industry.


Gardens start with a great design. Our professionalism and meticulous attention to detail insures that what is created on the drawing board seamlessly merges into your outdoor space.

Trust & Confidence

Our aspiration is to instil a sense of trust and confidence with clients. We feel our exacting standards and intelligent design principles are key to our success which has seen us produce over 1200 designs in 18 years!

Any Questions

If you have any questions about any of the services we offer OR just want some gardening advice then please feel free to get in touch.

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