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Additional Services

There are several additional options that you may wish to take advantage of.


You have the option of your plan being produced in CAD if you would prefer.  This is a computer aided design that works well with architects and allows documents to be electronically transferred very quickly.  

We can produce a scope of works specification which ensures that when your garden design goes out to the landscapers for tender, they will all be quoting for exactly the same thing. 

You may wish to have a materials list produced which is ideal for the self builder. 

This would show all the products, materials etc. required for building your new garden, including quantities. 

You could have a planting plan produced and / or a list of suitable plants to complete the look of your new garden.  

Although we are a design company, we do have independent teams of landscapers that have built our gardens over many years and know and understand the importance of the exacting standards that need to be achieved when implementing one of our garden designs.  

We always recommend that all our designs go out for competitive tender to 3 independent landscapers.  

If you would like us to help you with sourcing reputable landscapers and collecting these quotations we would be happy to do so.  

We can project manage your garden construction for you if required.  

The fee for each of these services varies depending on the amount of work involved so please call us with your specific requirements. 




Love what we do but want to design your own garden?

This year we will be launching a unique online garden design tutorial package at a fraction of the cost of any design fee.  We have created videos showing you how to survey your garden and how to use the simple basic principles of garden design. Together, we will design your very own outdoor living space which will lead you ... up your own garden path!

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Case Studies

''An Art Form''

Award Winning

What sets us apart? David is a registered member of the Society of Garden Designers, a member of the British Association of Landscape Industries and has the title of Grand Designs Show Garden designer. He also mentors qualified garden designers and has worked many years in the garden design industry.


Gardens start with a great design. Our professionalism and meticulous attention to detail insures that what is created on the drawing board seamlessly merges into your outdoor space.

Trust & Confidence

Our aspiration is to instil a sense of trust and confidence with clients. We feel our exacting standards and intelligent design principles are key to our success which has seen us produce over 1200 designs in 18 years!

Any Questions

If you have any questions about any of the services we offer OR just want some gardening advice then please feel free to get in touch.

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