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This topic is all about water and its many uses in the garden.

How important is water in your garden?

   Water is available to us all and is very cost effective.  We have all wandered around gardens, visited stately homes or one of the many flower shows and viewed the beautiful show gardens; it would be fair to say almost all have water in some capacity.

   We are given endless possibilities and many varied mood options, water sparkling in the sunlight as it dances over stones, evenings extended with lighting offering shimmering shadows through the plants and the truly spectacular reflections across a still mirror of water. 

   There are really no set rules saying what you should or shouldn't have but there are several factors you should consider before choosing what is right for you. The photographs on our website should give you a good idea of the type of feature for your site but don't forget the internet allows us all the freedom to search and find almost anything.

   The location is really important.  Do you want to see or hear it from your house, are you creating a secluded area that you have to find in the garden or are you wanting to make an impact?

   Do take into account the maintenance aspect of using water in the garden.  Plants, wildlife and ornamental fish have specific needs and requirements.  A high maintenance pond can be very rewarding to the person that loves spending time in the garden but this doesn't suit everyone.

   There is something about water that is a magical draw for all ages but young children should be well protected from any danger.  A small fountain, water cascading over stones or ornaments draining into a concealed reservoir can make a safe and lovely feature for all.

   By careful consideration of your own requirements a water feature can be achieved and give you endless hours of pleasure. 

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